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-Beguiled by the Blueprint

-The War Within

- Enneagram and Consciousness: Nine Paths to Oneness
- Article about Relationship Series
Finding Our Way Home
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              Brave Heart
           "The fear of “going there” is you’ll never come back.
        But if you don’t “go there” you’ll never return home.


                              It’s possible I’m pushing through solid rock
                                   in flintlike layers, as the ore lies, alone.
                             I am such a long way in I see no way through,
                            and no space: everything is so close to my face,
                            And everything close to my face is stone.—Rilke
Ruthie Landis and Laurel Paffhouse team up once again for Brave Heart, building on their previous events Beguiled by the Blueprint and Dynamics of Descent.  Featuring inner dialogue, poetry, grief ritual, music, storywork, creativity, enneagram, and movement.
anyone who has ever loved and lost someone or something; anyone who has ever been disappointed; anyone wanting to invite the full emotional spectrum into their life, loving better & more; anyone who wants an honest & accepting relationship with their heart.
The Ethical Humanist Society, 7574 N. Lincoln Ave, Skokie, Il 60077
             Brave Heart: Part One
        Protecting & disabling our hearts in response to
                     grief, disappointment and loss

              Saturday, March 26, 2016    9am to 2 pm
             Brave Heart: Part Two
                      Re-empowering the Heart;
             Compassionate embrace of the whole self

           Saturday, April 30, 2016       9am to 2 pm
***We encourage you to attend both Part One and Part Two. You may attend only Part One.  You cannot attend Part Two unless you attend Part One. Pre-registration required by March 23rd!
       Register Now!  Ruthienergy@ruthlandis.com
Pricing options

Part One - $125, Part One and Two combined- $200 (light lunch included and all supplies)
Early Bird for both Part One and Two-only $175 by March 10th
Brave Heart: Parts One and Two

Ruthie Landis is a certified Body-Psychotherapist, Coach, Hypnotherapist, Couples Coach, Enneagram and Spiritual teacher, international workshop facilitator, and Reiki master. She synthesizes all of her skills in collaboration with clients and groups as they claim the essence of who they really are, beyond the compelling limitations of their ego, living each moment more consciously, authentically, passionately, compassionately, and spontaneously.

Laurel Paffhouse is interested in the subconscious, in rhythms and cycles, and in the ability and natural inclination to heal and be whole. A Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Master immersed in Ayurvedic Bodywork and Theory, she balances the structural and energetic elements of the body. In her dynamic sessions with clients, she integrates myofascial release, crystal therapy, ceremony, the aligning power of essential oils, and the principles of Ayurveda.


The Dynamics of Descent:
Exploring our Unconscious Spiraling Patterns
Using the Enneagram, Storywork, and Ayurveda

Sunday, August 30th
1:30 to 4:30 pm
at Hamsa, 3807 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago
After August 20- $70

Pay by Dates
August 30th Workshop

or email ruthienergy@ruthlandis.com

Maximum 18 participants so register Now

woman on top of mountain

The dance of transformation is a multi-dimensional and paradoxical dance in which we go down to come up and disintegrate to become whole.”- Anonymous

Do you ever wonder how you can be going along in a great mood, functioning in a healthy and content way, and all of a sudden something triggers you and off you go on a downward spiral- avoiding, attacking, resenting, angry, hurt, withdrawing, suffering and creating suffering? What happened? Is there a way we can identify these triggers and spirals into descent within ourselves and others and find the way back to center? Clear the mind, open the heart, and take right action. Ruthie Landis and Laurel Paffhouse team up once again with another truly transformative workshop as we learn how to calm what has been provoked in us.

Ruthie Landis is a certified Body-Psychotherapist, Coach, Hypnotherapist, Enneagram and Spiritual teacher, international workshop facilitator, and Reiki master. She synthesizes all of her skills to collaborate with clients and groups as they claim the essence of who they really are beyond their ego structure, to live each moment more consciously, authentically, passionately, and spontaneously.

Laurel Paffhouse is interested in the subconscious, in rhythms and cycles, and in the ability and natural inclination to heal and be whole. A Licensed Massage Therapist and Registered Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, immersing herself into Ayurvedic Bodywork and Theory, she balances the structural and energetic elements of the body. Within her dynamic sessions with clients, she integrates crystal therapy, the aligning power of essential oils, and the principles of Ayurveda.


Beguiled by the Blueprint

Be in the Presence of the Mystery
and Always Part of it

co-sponsored by Chicago IONS

March 15, 2015
2:30-6:30 pm
Ethical Humanist Society
7574 N. Lincoln, Skokie, Il

Prepay and Pre-registration required
Register Now by emailing ruthienergy@ruthlandis.com
via Paypal by clicking crazy box below


$95 includes:
a vivid day of learning experiences and...
  • Delectable tastings of the five elements in foods and all senses
  • An Enneagram Wisdom Deck
  • Five Elements Flower Essences, and workshop kit
Those who will resonate:

life-long learners, nature lovers, healers, those who seek healing, shamans, yogis, artists, movers & dancers, coaches, therapists,
curious fun-loving people, enneagram enthusiasts

What you will feel:
  • Deep connection to the Natural World, Its Cycles and YOurs
  • Compassion for yourself and others as we each strive for balance
  • Joy in the Spritual Discovery of Life's Myriad Mirrors
What you will learn:
  • How to utilize and generate awareness of the Chinese Five Element Theory, the Enneagram, and Shamanic ritual in your Everyday Life
  • And understanding of the inter-relatedness of ourselves & all things
  • What we are made of and how to celebrate our pure potential
What you will embody:
  • Archetypal excavation thru sensory/body experience and storytelling
  • The Essence of Creation and Creativity
  • An Enlivened, Renewed, Resourced and Awe-Inspired Self



Customized Workshops available

and past workshops available:

Finding Our Way Home

Co-presented by Ruthie Landis and
guest author, artist, and musician Elizabeth Wagele

Enneagram of Death Bookcover

February 9, 2013

9:30 am-4:30 pm

at The Ethical Humanist Society
7574 N. Lincoln Ave.
Skokie, Illinois

Pre-registration required

(includes signed book and light lunch)


To register 

or email ruthienergy@ruthlandis.com

Our tango with Loss, Fear, and Dying offers us a poignant opportunity to know our True Self more fully, explore how we Love,
and how we engage with Others and with Life itself.

Come join us for a “happening”; a safe, playful, and provocative day of learning and connecting with others, while we find ways of looking at that which we fear and avoid.  As the centerpiece of the day, prolific author, artist, and pianist, Elizabeth Wagele will offer her latest book, The Enneagram of Death, as well as her live music and comic perspective. Ruthie Landis, therapist, mentor, actor/director will facilitate a dynamic, experiential workshop, with each participant as teacher, with actors performing monologues from the book, poetry, and dancers expressing their own journey with Loss, Fear, and Dying. Coming together, people of all ages and backgrounds, with curiosity and open hearts, will share an unforgettable and truly enlivening day as we each continue to Find Our Way Home.

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The War Within :
Making Peace with your Inner Enneagram Community

Presented by Ruthie Landis

Saturday- March 9th, 2013 
9 :30 am- 12 :30 pm

Ruthie will be presenting this workshop on inner conflict in April in Paris at the
International Enneagram Conference.

That which enervates us most and blocks us from easefully flowing with life, is not merely the circumstances and stresses of our lives, but rather the unconscious war within.  In this experiential workshop we will first identify our inner cast of characters, based on Enneagram access points, revealing who is “out” and at odds with other parts. We will learn to see these parts, hear them out in engaging dialogue, discover where they live in our bodies, how we can recognize them when they are surfacing, and then utilize our dis-identified Higher Self to mediate the inner conflict.  Resistance to change and moving forward in life is often a result of unheard and hidden parts of ourselves clinging in fear to the status quo.  Through Gestalt and role playing techniques we safely bring these Enneagram based parts into the light and discover what they need to feel resourced enough to move forward with decisiveness, action and inner harmony.  We will learn from all three centers of intelligence: head, heart, and body.

at The Ethical Humanist Society,
7574 N. Lincoln Ave. Skokie, Illinois
to register use PayPal button below
or email ruthienergy@ruthlandis.com

The Enneagram and Consciousness:
Nine Paths to Onenessİ

9 Paths to Oneness

"9 Paths to Oneness" İ Ruth Landis

What lies beyond the ego structure?
How do
we move beyond who we think we are to who we really are?

Using the Enneagram we will explore how identifying our dominant world view and revealing its gifts and limitations can ultimately lead us to dis-identifying with it, opening to an expanded way of being in the world.

This workshop will use the Enneagram in a framework including lecture, dyad and group experiments, and experiential exercises using Gestalt-based role playing, body-awareness, and creativity.

New dates to be announced


The Enneagram:

The Enneagram


The Enneagram is an ancient model of 9 points of view and is one of the most powerful tools for building emotional intelligence and bringing forth compassion and harmony in relationships.

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Article on Enneagram and Relationships Series-

by Shantal Alonso

Walk a Mile in my Shoes- Relationships and the Enneagram at Work and at Home

Imagine a rich, practical tool that could help you understand how you and everyone around you is wired – one that helps you transform the messages you say and hear so that you may build stronger relationships based on respect, empathy, and accountability, as well as a mutual desire to connect authentically.  Using the Enneagram – an ancient model of nine personality styles and their inter-relationships, you can discover the depth of your own compassion, and learn to identify and clearly articulate what is “alive in you.”  This powerful system creates a paradigm shift by changing the distorted lens through which we see ourselves, our relationships, and the world around us.  By enhancing our self-awareness and understanding of others, the Enneagram is an invaluable guide for effective communication, successful leadership, conflict resolution, and personal growth. 

In her four week workshop series, “The Enneagram: A Fundamental Resource for Work and Relationship,” Ruth Landis will present experiential activities that weave the support of nature, creativity, and the body, along with the profound wisdom of the Enneagram, to help you grow in self-mastery at work and at home.  Some of the key benefits include learning how to:

  • Embrace change with ease

  • Lead with vision and receptivity

  • Access your authentic self

  • Be fully in the moment

  • Move through your resistance toward infinite possibilities and truth; and

  • Sense greater intimacy and trust between yourself and others

The topics for this series include:

  • Your Style at Work – Gifts and Blind-Spots

  • Communication/Feedback

  • Inner Conflict and Conflict with Co-Workers

  • Inner Leadership and Decision-Making

According to Ruthie, work is the point of departure for all of our relationships.  Our communication patterns (i.e., how we like to be talked to; how we affect others by what we say; what different individuals need in order to feel genuine support and appreciation; and how to build rapport and achieve positive results) apply to everything intimate.  Moreover, our decision-making processes are integral to learning how to read our selves (i.e., to understand how both our personality’s point of view and our emotional habits impact our relationships as they are filtered through our individual Enneagram type)

In this workshop, you will explore how your own style informs your way of thinking, feeling and behaving, and learn how to cultivate your unique gifts.  Moreover, you will learn how to relate to the other Enneagram types and address the challenges inherent in each one. 

Per Ruthie, every Enneagram type communicates in a different way – each one bearing its distinctive strengths and blind-spots that affect behavior in every relationship. While effective communication skills are at the heart of any successful endeavor, blocks often occur because we fail to take each personality type into account, and each one is a necessary component of the whole. The Enneagram provides a common frame of reference that emphasizes unity over separation: it brings awareness regarding everyone’s potential to contribute, and teaches us to speak one another’s language.  Learning to discern one another’s needs, motivations, and individual approaches to working and relating, enables us to genuinely connect with others and our authentic beings to truly shine – allowing harmonious and productive solutions to spring forth.  Working within a context of self-awareness and self-acceptance, this model empowers us to make more successful and life-affirming choices, manage our personal reactivity, develop our emotional intelligence, and foster greater cooperation and support within our lives. 

Finally, because the Enneagram is a dynamic system that encourages us to ultimately embrace the good in each of the nine points of view, Ruthie will show you how to develop all nine parts within yourself in their highest form.  According to her, that is where our wholeness lives.

As Ruthie explains, the premise is that we’re already whole, and we have all the answers we need inside of us.  The goal is to create a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space where we’re able to hear the programming from our past and become aware of what’s arising in the present moment.

Oftentimes, we accept old behaviors as a means of survival.  However, we should aim to notice when certain physical and emotional reactions no longer serve us, and invite our inner critics and our perfectionist warriors to find new resources by revising our distorted beliefs and exploring more joyful and supportive, physical and emotional patterns. 

The Enneagram offer us possibilities and ways of seeing things that may never have occurred to us, and helps us identify our distortions as they arise.  Our limited point of view may repeatedly cause unnecessary conflicts and limitations in our choice-making.  Accordingly, by identifying our personal and professional challenges, and learning to receive them as growth opportunities, we can expand beyond our limitations and free ourselves to create and express a clear, authentic vision that is aligned with our core values, thus, allowing us to live and work with intention, presence, and purpose.

As a personal anecdote, Ruthie shared how the Enneagram impacted her in relation to the book she’s currently writing.  As a “2” on the Enneagram, Ruthie is a very relationship-oriented person – always wanting to connect with, help, and do for others – oftentimes at the expense of one’s “self.”  She always knew it was her calling to write this book, but she had to make the decision to write the book for herself.  As she explains, “2’s” have the tendency to deflect from the self as they are generally too outward focused.  At home, Ruthie encounters too many distractions between family and clients, so she came to the pivotal realization that, in order to actually move forward with her dream, she needed to make a commitment to herself:  for the past two years, Ruthie has been driving out to New Buffalo one weekend a month, secluding herself in a beautiful, lakefront home, where she writes for those 48 hours.  Her hope is that this book will be a gift for others as well – a part collaborative memoir and do-it-yourself workshop where she shares her life-long experiments and experiences.

Much like the theme of her workshop, Ruthie’s intention is to know herself as a “2.” According to her, the biggest gift she can give herself is to NOT do what’s habitual – a huge leap for her.  Thus, Ruthie uses intentionality and the language of the Enneagram to gain knowledge of self and follow her Spirit’s passion (i.e., to creatively disseminate wisdom via her creative life-force in order to help others get to know themselves better, and rekindle their own passions and full engagement in life). 

So, how does Ruthie fulfill her calling as a teacher?  Ruthie believes that “spirituality is the breath of every language,” and she explains that, when it comes to teaching others, her job is to always “meet them where Spirit finds them.” 

Like Ruthie, we can all apply this insightful framework to discover our true Spirits and bring about beneficial changes into our lives.   

Shantal  Alonso is a creativity and transformational life consultant, Reiki Master practitioner, Raindrop Technique facilitator, holistic marketing consultant, and event producer for individuals and organizations.  Her passion is to empower individuals to transform their lives and nourish their creative dream-making process by providing creative and holistic “soul-lutions” for personal and professional growth and healing.  To learn more about Shantal, please visit her website: www.evoyoution.com

 The following workshops are offered upon request for your group, community, or organization. I also custom design workshops to meet your needs.

Contact Ruth for more information.

Enneagram and Consciousness: 9 Paths to Onenessİ
Loving the Uglyİ
The War Within: Enneagram and Inner Conflictİ
Seasons of Self Mastery: Weaving the Wisdom of Nature, Creativity, the Body and the Enneagramİ (based on my upcoming book)
The Body Never Lies: The Body and the Enneagramİ
Enneagram and the Creative Forceİ
Walk a Mile in My Shoes: The Enneagram and Relationships at Home and at Workİ
Align or Collide: We have a Choiceİ
The Enneagram and the Five Elements-Water, Earth, Wind, Wood, and Fireİ
Enneagram and the Maskİ
9 Ways of Giving and Receiving Loveİ
The Ageless Heart: Enneagram and Agingİ
What’s My Style: Enneagram and Fashionİ
Acting Skills for Life and the Enneagramİ
Reconnecting with the Woman Behind the Mother: A Journey back to Selfİ
The Enneagram and Addictionİ
How Do I Present Myself? Enneagram and Public Personaİ
Integrating the Players of our Inner Team: Gestalt and the Enneagramİ
Enneagram Master Class for Actors

Workshop Designs for all aspects of business skills:
Seeing the Unseen: Unveiling Hidden Obstaclesİ
Enneagram and Business Cultureİ
Improving the Essential C’s: Communication, Creative Conflict, and Collaborationİ

Walk a Mile in my Shoes; Relationships and the Enneagram at Work and at Home

(This is a four week series)

This 4 week series uses the Enneagram (an ancient model of points of view) to develop emotional intelligence while growing in self mastery at work and at home. Topics for the series...

Week 1: Your style at work and at home - Gifts & Blindspots

We will look at your personality type via the Enneagram, evaluating your strength and identifying your challenges

  Week 2: Communication/Feedback                                     

We will use the Enneagram to teach us better ways to give feedback to others and communicate with more clarity

Week 3: Inner Conflict and Conflict in Relationship

We will explore parts of ourselves that create inner conflict and learn how to create harmony within, as well as learning tools based on the Enneagram to get along better with others.                    

Week 4: Inner Leadership and Decision-making

We will visualize a leader of our own inner community that guides and directs our personal choices and reactions. We will explore decision making using our three centers of intelligence- head, heart, and gut.

The workshops will include experiential activities that weave the support of nature, creativity, and the body with the profound wisdom of the Enneagram.



"Using the Enneagram"
facilitated by Jerry Wagner and Ruthie Landis, M.A.

Inner Team  
This powerful and innovative workshop is available for interested organizations for 2-day intensive, 1-day seminar, or 5-day retreats.

What do all the parts of your personality bring to bear on the situations and relationships you find yourself in to help you adapt and grow?  Through the Enneagram, an ancient system of nine distinct world views and personality structures, we’ll look at nine potential players on your inner team and the resources they offer you.  Which ones are you familiar with and can easily integrate into your team?  And which ones are you uncomfortable with and even resist bringing onto your team?  What parts of yourself do you need to Re-own, Re-frame, and Re-cycle to become maximally effective?

This special Enneagram workshop will illuminate how nine characters appear or disappear in each of us and will facilitate the contribution of each member of our inner team to a whole and resourceful life.  Participants will have a process for contacting and deepening their relationship with their inner resources.  Through theory and practice, we’ll engage each person’s head, heart, and body in this learning process. 

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What's my Style?


An experiential and "edutaining" event
pairing fashion and the Enneagram.

Who am I?
What impression am I really making?
How does my outer self project my inner self?
How can my outer self enhance my inner self?

Find out more!!!


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We Have a Choice


Expressions & Expectations in Relating
to Our Selves and Others


 This workshop is custom designed for partners- a two person workshop, or for families, business relationships, or organizations. During this experiential workshop, we will use the Enneagram (an ancient system of points of view) , mask-making, body awareness and role playing to explore how we each show up in our relationships with family, friends and co-workers.  We will observe how our versions of validation and love either align or collide with the styles of those with whom we interact.  We will unveil our blindspots and try on other points of view to expand into more generosity and acceptance of ourselves and others. 


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Transforming Resistance in the Midst of Change

A pro bono workshop for organizations that give support to the unemployed


Last January, a mass e-mail from Michelle Obama began circulating, inspiring me to step into service in a stronger, more committed way, and to explore where I could offer pro bono work. Here’s a passage from it:
“… Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds are committing to renew America together, one community at a time.  Whatever service activity you organize or take part in … you can help start this important journey. But this is about more than just a single day of service, it's the beginning of an ongoing commitment to your community.”
-Michelle Obama

In 2010, my intention is to offer pro bono work to a different community -- the Unemployed -- in the form of a two hour free workshop/presentation for organizations that work with and support this often invisible and unappreciated, yet highly stressed segment of our population.

Transforming Resistance in the Midst of Change.”

My presentation examines the kinds of resistance that arise in different personality types as they face transitions; how to identify behaviors as resistance; and how to work effectively with resistance: understanding, embracing, and transforming it rather that fighting it or letting it act as a saboteur. The presentation will be both insight-based and experiential. Participants will leave with greater awareness around their own forms of resistance and tools to work with for their own development.

If you are interested in this free presentation please contact me at 773-732-3183 or e-mail me at

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It’s In Our Hands
An Experiential Workshop in Oak Park

Healing the Earth Within Us and Around Us
By Partnering with the Five Elements,
the Enneagram and our Creativity

“Enneagram styles represent distinct worldviews with related
patterns of thinking, feeling, and taking action …
Self mastery … is about becoming an expert on yourself ...”
-- Ginger Lapid Bogda, What Type Of Leader Are You? 

“We are on the verge of a massive leap in evolutionary
consciousness on this Planet Earth. ”
-- Pam Montgomery, Partner Earth

“Earth is the outer manifestation in form,
which is always a reflection of the inner. ”
 -- Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

“…Through the five great movements of life --
Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood -- … that we break
through habits and patterns that no longer serve us…” 
-- Dianne M. Connelly, All Sickness is Home Sickness

Next date to be announced


We all exist amidst five elements – the compassion of Earth, the excitement of Fire, the depth of Water, the strength of Wood, and the clarity of Metal/Air.  During this experiential workshop, we will use the five elements, the Enneagram and Process Art to create a renewed sense of love and responsibility toward our own body/heart/mind as we simultaneously give back to the Planet.


More Exciting New Experiential Workshops
Coming in 2011!

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