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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s this about?

  • How is body-centered psychotherapy different than regular psychotherapy? 
  • What might a session look like? 
  • Is body psychotherapy like massage?
Generally in a regular psychotherapy session the client and therapist sit and talk, exploring the past, present problems, and future goals. Though there is always some talking and processing in body psychotherapy, some experiential exercise or experiment will grow out of the “checking in” talk. You might work with paints or clay, do “chair work” (where you dialogue with someone you may be having a conflict with), take a mindful walk in nature, or lie on the table and listen attentively to your body and what it is trying to tell you about the present moment. There are lots of possible body-oriented experiences and every session can look a little different and is co-created between client and therapist. The client always chooses what they believe will best benefit them in a given session. This isn’t just thinking about yourself. It is about shifting things on a cellular level as well. There is mind in all the cells of the body. A common technique in all of the work is closing your eyes, looking inward, and using your body as a primary data base for where you are and what you are experiencing. The “hands-on” body techniques are rooted in Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, and Cranial Sacral, and are all forms of listening touch, rather than massage. The client is fully clothed on the table. The practitioner doesn’t try to fix or correct anything, because nothing is broken, but rather listens more deeply to all the layers of the client. Most clients do feel more relaxed and integrated after a table session.

What kind of things does this work address?

  • Is this work helpful for depression? 
  • How does this work address chronic physical problems such as fibromyalgia, IBS, migraines, RSD, etc…? 
  • How does this work help with creative blocks?
  •  I feel stuck in my life and can’t move forward. How do you work with that? 
  • Do you work with couples?
Depression is often a result of anger and disappointment turned inward and repressed. This work allows feelings to arise and be felt without judgment. When these feelings are given a safe space to be expressed the energy fueling them often dissolves. We learn body-based tools (such as creativity, movement, visualization, etc…) to help us hear what we are feeling and find healthy ways to work with those feelings. Any dis-ease has the potential to offer us a gift of healing. By befriending and becoming intimate with the symptoms instead of resisting, repressing, or denying them, we change our relationship with our bodies and ourselves from enemy to ally. This leads to healing on many levels. Resistance is a teacher. If it is blocking us from moving forward or manifesting, then it believes it must; that it is protecting us from something. Together we unveil the hidden fear, and find ways to create safety while still allowing creative expression and movement.  Some of the techniques I use for couples work are the Enneagram, various genuine listening techniques, safety, honesty and trust building, as well as body-oriented self-awareness to enhance understanding, work with conflicts, increase empathy and compassion. The work is highly experiential.

How do I get started?

  • How long is a session? 
  • What is the cost of a session? 
  • Will my insurance cover this? Is this long-term work or short-term?
Each usual session is approximately 60 minutes long, although some clients prefer 90 minute or 120 minute sessions. The first session is always 90 minutes in length. There are some insurance companies who do pay for this work. It depends on your company and policy. I ask that you pay at the time of your session. I will give you a billing statement which you can then submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  The usual fee for one hour sessions is $140.00. 90 minute sessions are $200.00, 120 minute sessions are $250.00.  I have many clients who come from out of town, or travel a good distance and find they benefit from longer sessions less frequently.  I have clients who come with a very specific intention and may only need to come for a couple of months to address their intention. Others come for periods of time, leave for a while and return to address new things that may arise for them. Still other clients come for many years and are fully committed to their personal awareness process. Their continued work allows them to live a more joyous, rich, and awake life.

The rate for executive coaching is $150.00 per hour hour.

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