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Body Never Lies

Body-Centered Psychotherapy

Starting with the premise that we are already whole and have the answers we need inside of us, we create a safe, supportive, and nonjudgmental space in which we are able to hear those truths.


The body never lies.

It speaks to us from our most authentic place through pain, fatigue, and dis-ease, as well as comfort, peace, and wellness.


All of our experiences are remembered in the cells of our body, so we can use our body as an information base, listening to our programming, our past, and what is arising for us in the present moment.

We accept our old behaviors as our means of survival and now notice when some of our physical and emotional reactions no longer serve us.

We invite the inner critic, perfectionist, warrior, inner child, and others to find new resources, revise distorted beliefs, and explore more joyful and supportive physical and emotional patterns.

Creativity & Innovation

The creative impulse connects us to our essence, the source, our authentic self. When freed from control or judgment, our creativity flows and we feel playful, engaged, energized, and expressive. Using creativity we reclaim the spontaneous, intuitive child, and can express ourselves freely in whatever medium we choose: acting, writing, singing, dancing, or the visual arts.

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